Monday, February 10, 2020

Audit process Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Audit process - Research Paper Example Some of them are like the independent auditors; these are the types of auditors who are always CPA’s. These individuals are always either practitioners or otherwise members of the public accounting firms who always hire their services to the professional auditing to the customers in need. On the other hand, these individuals are always licensed after going through the CPA tests after which they are certified. These individuals are always ready to render their services after having a factual experience in a working auditing firm. In the contemporary world, the elevated levels of competition subjects external auditors to roles of value incorporated services that can be characterised by business risks as well as providing the necessary management of a business internal management risks. It is noted to be very necessary for the external auditors to act in the control as well as under the perception of an independent thinker as well as with the intents done on good faith while performing their audit responsibilities. The internal auditors are always employees of an organisations concerned with the auditing activities. These types of auditors are always concerned with the analysis of facts in the organisations, often referred to as internal auditing. The major responsibility of the internal editors is always concerned with the management in the firm with the aim of impacting the objectives of the organisation. On the other hand, there are the government auditors. These kinds of auditors are always employees of a particular local government, state or otherwise the federal government. This class of auditors can be further categorised into three other classes; general accounting officers, internal revenue services and lastly the defence contract audit agency. On the other hand, the last classification of auditors is the independent auditors. The independent auditors are neither employed by the government or other agencies but rather they provide their

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